Tel: 705.727.0060 or 1.877.263.7033
Cell: 416.526.7033
108 Ward Drive / Barrie ON / L4N 8A5

We provide products and services designed to meet the needs of any event that requires identification.

Our systems are scalable. That way you will receive a targeted solution that will address your specific requirements.

Some basic rate information is provided on this site, but because we are able to deliver a product or service tailored to your exact needs, please contact us at your convenience.

We put an emphasis on listening to our clients. To be honest, that's where most of our "cooler" features come from. For example we provided registration services at an international event. Our client wanted to have the home flag of each delegate printed on their badge. There were 41 countries represented. This is now a feature that we can provide to other events.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.